Bennett MP-X 2 1/2" Superior Blend


Product Description

MP-X® is Bennett’s best all-around professional brush, made from 100% solid round tapered Tynex and Orel Dupont synthetic filaments. All of Bennett’s MP-X® brushes are handcrafted using our exclusive filament process that allows for excellent paint-pick up and release. We designed the MP-X® series for versatility, performance and ultra-smooth finishes. MP-X® brushes will last longer and are suitable for multiple jobs. The proprietary blend of the MP-X® gives the painter full control of the brush. We use state of the art technology throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee a precision edge that professional painters can trust. Our MP-X® handles are made from beach wood and sourced exclusively from FSC certified forest. Bennett MP-X® brushes are uniquely formulated and processed to work with all paints.

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