NOUR Tradition 9.5" Microfibre Plus 10Pk 240 x 15


Product Description


  • Lint free microfibre technology
  • Wound by hand, epoxy bonded to a PVC core
  • Every refill is precision cut, beveled and vacuumed to provide a refill of uncompromising quality
  • Holds and delivers more paint to the wall for faster application 
  • Virtually flawless finish in all paints
  • Designed to excel with today's fast drying paints
  • Low splatter and excellent durability


Surface Type: Semi-Smooth Surface (10mm Nap), Semi-Smooth Surface (13mm Nap), Semi-Rough Surface (15mm Nap), Semi-Rough Surface (18mm Nap)
Roller Cover Material: Microfibre

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