Reusable Bucket - Set


Product Description


The job is finished and you have made just too much thin set. No problem with this reusable bucket. Made from a flexible and durable plastic & rubber blend, simply clean the edges allowing for thin set to cure overnight. Give a few love taps with a rubber mallet and she is good as new, ready for the next bag! 


20L - (5 GL) Great for mixing full bags of thin set

16L - (4 GL) Ideal for Grout

12L - (3 GL) A must have water bucket


  • Made of high-quality polyethylene, flexible and durable, with metal carrying handle
  • Wide top for easy mixing of thin set, mortar or concrete. 
  • Flat bottom and sides allow for easy mixing and cleaning
  • Ideal for mixing and measuring, calibrated with markings to show water level 

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