Sherlock 2'-4' Extension Pole


Product Description

Wooster Sherlock GT Extension Pole has a metal grip tip (smooth) that can quickly connect/disconnect Wooster compatible roller frames and tools with the push of a thumb lever instead of threading. Tools stay securely attached and won't loosen with use. Comes with a conversion tip (stored in the grip) to adapt to threaded tools, as well. (Wooster Sherlock GT Extension Pole Conversion Tip (2-Pack) is available.) Change the length of the pole with the push of a thumb lever, as well; locks in 6 in. increments - no loosening or collapsing of pole length. Comfortable, non-slip hand grip. A strong and durable extension pole.

  1. Grip Tip Extension Poles
  1. Extends & Locks Securely In Place
  1. Tools snap on, won't untwist
  1. Hexagonal Aluminum Inner Pole Prevents Twisting
  1. Conversion Tip in Handle
  1. Makes all threaded tools GT compatible

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